Your Chess Opening Repertoire
— Easier, faster, better

Chess Spyder is a revolutionary new and better way for you to create, import, build, maintain, edit, navigate, train with, and learn your chess opening repertoire.

Screenshot of main Chess Spyder interface with chessboard, variations table, and annotation region.

Why it’s great

  • Get to any variation in just a few clicks.

  • See overview of your entire White or Black repertoire at a single glance. Gaps in your prep become obvious.

  • Instantly see the entire “main line” of the current variation.

  • Immediately see all alternatives at each step of the current main line.

  • Chess Spyder automatically figures out all transpositions — saving you tedious extra work.

  • Chess Spyder is a web service—it works in any browser on desktop, laptop, mobile—on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux.

Why it’s better

  • Stop scrolling and stepping through long, complicated PGN to find a variation. Just click!

  • Don’t hunt through numerous files to find a line; all your variations are in one place.

  • You don’t have to break up your repertoire’s variations into multiple files or studies (and find names for them!).

  • You’re a human, not a machine. You deserve better than raw PGN.

  • No software to install. No software to update.

Chess Spyder is coming soon!

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Easy In and Easy Out: Import from and export to any other software or website

  • Import existing PGN files, as many as you want.

  • Merge all your many existing separate PGN repertoire files into one unified repertoire for comprehensive training.

  • Duplicate moves and positions are SmartMerged together.

  • Export your repertoire to PGN anytime to use in any other software or on any other website.

Privacy Policy

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